Our Love Is Electric (And I'm Yanking The Cord)

by Aaron Earl Short

I turn you on.
I watch you.
I stare into you.
I understand you.
You light up the room, especially at night.
You have big ears, but I don't complain.
For I am no prize myself.
You keep me company.
Sometimes you sing me to sleep.
The cats seem to like you.
You keep them warm in the wintertime.
Sometimes I wake in the wee hours of the morning?
What the…? What time is it? Who's there?
it's you,
playing the National Anthem.
Still, I don't complain.
You're so talented.
But if I look at you too long,
you make me bug-eyed.
Bug-eyed like a tweaker from the South side!
I've been staring at you now,
for four hours.
I feel worthless and used.
I want to throw you out the window and
smash you with a ball bat.
I think you're the devil.
You're so easy to turn on,
and so hard to turn off.

Fuck you Zenith!

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