El Canal EspaƱol

by A. Georgi

WHEN I first started going out with you,
I would come out of your bathroom and
catch you watching the Spanish channel.
''Hablas Español?'' I would ask, but you would just put more
chips in your mouth and look away.

You liked the show with adults
dressed as schoolchildren. Also, the show where a lot
of half dressed women danced around while some colored lights flashed …
which was almost all of them.

One time I came over to your house to surprise you
with some homemade cookies
and you were watching the Spanish channel. I
understood then just why you liked it so much …

I think that is disrespectful. There are reasons to watch the Spanish channel
that have nothing to do with jerking off:

Like that show called ''Gorda y Flaca'' or something like that.
Can you imagine if we had a show like that on an English channel,
      ''The Fat and the Skinny?''
Everyone would get all bent out of shape.
Just imagine if we called ''Live with Regis and Kelly,''
''The Smart and the Stupid.'' My mom would not like that at all.

Also, the Spanish channel
always has the best damn movies on.
Unfortunately, they're in Spanish.
One way the Spanish channel could be better is if they would
show Lethal Weapon 2 in English every once in a while.

But small problems aside, you shouldn't watch the Spanish channel
just for your unclean desires. You should watch it for the movies
and the politically incorrect show titles.

At the very least, you should watch it so you can make fun of it in a poem,
which a lot of people will say isn't really that difficult,
or original, but
I don't care …
I was never one
to make things harder than they have to be.

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