by Tom Pitre

FRY me an abruzzo
or an andouille
charge me full price
or give it to me free

A black pudding is nice
lots of blood and fat
filler of bread crumbs
and an old baseball hat

Blood sausage or boudin blanc
sometimes a bockwurst or
a fat Hebrew frank

A blutwurst, salty and cooked
bockwurst or boerewurst
spicy, full of season
I don't need an excuse
for amounts beyond reason.

To suck up the boudin
a rouge or a white
Eaten with bread
It's love at first sight.

Bangers or Chaurice
hot spicy creole
burns going down
even wrapped in a roll.

Chipolata or chorizo
dry-cured or pepperoni
all special and tasty
not that store-bought baloney

Cocktail weiners or viennas
are choice.
Cumberlands with cabbage!
I will surely rejoice.

Fatty Italian pork
links drained of fat
Franks and Frankfurters
Haggis made from lung
Hot dogs and tube steaks
bockworst and tongue.

Griddles or steamed
free of Listeria
High in fat and salt
fuels my hysteria

Kielbasa and knublewurts
smoked polish stuff
Kiske and Kiska
intestines and suet
Lap chong, Chinese
because they are sweet
Linguicia or Loukanika
and other Greek meat

Danish pork sausage
Pepperoni that's chewy
Pickled pork and Pinkelwurst
or scrapple all gooey

Cooked with potatoes
onions and rice
any kind of sausage
or any kind of spice.

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