There's a Lager on the Moon

by Fenway Parker

THERE'S a lager on the Moon
that I hope to drink real soon
If it's as quenching as it seems
then it's the lager of my dreams

I can see its glowing face
white and frothy there in space
Ah, it looks so all alone
It's wanting me to bring it home

You know, I've been drinking all today
so the Moon don't look so far away
I can close my eyes and dream
of waltzing up a bright moonbeam

Clouds will part like swinging doors
And there'll be moondust on the floors
I'll float up to a free barstool
I'll hunker down to look real cool

I can barely wait for those first sips
Like lover touching lover's lips
Sure, without air, I might unravel
But for good ale, you gotta travel

Say, I'm thinking I owe you a beer
So, come on by, I'll be right here
Join me for one last nightcap
While the shining stars are all on tap

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