State of Reunion

by Houghton Piker and Finny Deerfield

HUDDLED under blankets
against the lack of heat
i turned on my dear telly
to spend time with my sweet

he stood in front of congress
i sat with blankets blue
he told me 'bout his ''vision''
though none of it was true.

i ate my dinner early
a healthy choice, alone
turned up the tv volume
and then unplugged my phone.

i set up pretty candles
to soften up my mood
the lies my sweetheart told me
are nothing less than rude!

he said i'd pay less taxes
and then did his charming squint
but how he'd stop the deficit
alas, he gave no hint

he walked away all smiles
applause followed in his wake
i clicked off and for succor
i ate a whole pound cake

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