Cheese, Please

by Tom Pitre

An Asiago
a provolone
a pleasure
a treat to the bone

Cheddar, a wensleydale
by the slice or the pound
a gouda, havarti
makes the world go round

Mozzarella, romano
a gooey brie
smeared on a cracker
can set you free

Camembert, Jack,colby
edam or swiss
is my idea
of heavenly bliss

Queso Blanco, Montrachet,
Roquefort or Mascarpone
Milky white, triple creams
They are in all my dreams

Brick, cream,
Neufchatel, Blue
Limburger, Ricotta
It's what I pursue

Gruyere, Gorgonzola
mouldy and blue veins
Muenster, parmesan
Nothing remains

Chevre, cottage, American
My plate is filled
far more than
my belly can.

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