Sunny Eyes in Sklying Paradising

by John Powers

YOU found me out a rumping
Jumping to the sky
Cavorting and harrumphing:
The sun's a winkling eye!!

When it's open daytime
And (yamn) the night time sleep
I'm stepping on her landminds
my bedside trim and keep

Two dozen lashes making
The day so priffiness
My time I'm mindful taking
The crutch called happiness

Oh what a day of beauty
past yester getting number
A little shadow fruity
And zoo! If feels like summer.

It's pouty sad boohooey
Coloured clouds and gray
A little shadowed bootie
a puddly, reigning day.

I'd like to speak it crisply;
a brood of Clarencedarrows.
I'm talking rather briskly
in words of bows and arrows.

I'd never do the anyway
I'm early sun and beer
I'm such a humble pack and play
I wouldn't hurt an ear.

(unless it was a moon or something.)

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