Ode to Mes Boobs

by Kelly Chambers

MY breasts
are two ziplock sandwich bags
filled with aching water
and sealed.
Strategically placed
for viewing pleasure
like a martha stewart place setting
at thanksgiving:

My breasts are fairlypopular
they've got a reputation of their own
they like to stand out in crowds
they don't like to be alone

my breasts are not as pleasant
as they first may seem
throbbing with each step
stairs like mounting torture
sitting down: quite a feat.

My breasts,
are PERKY!
like two full oranges
overly ripe
and ready to drop
any moment now.

You scream in suspense I see
do not fear their fall
because regardless they will
with the cycle of life
rise and fall of tides
rise and fall of empires
and yes
of my breasts.

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