All Three Times

(the poor bastard)

by Kat Darling

A shameful subject drawing red to the cheeks
Brings about a story of two young lovers at their peak
The joyous hours and days quickly flew by
They saw no problems that ahead did lie

Their googily eyes widened with lust
And they both were sexually ready to bust
But the girl held tight to her precious flower
Leaving the boy without the desired power

He became angry and hurt as his manliness grew
He had devoted so much time! worthless now he knew
The girl went about her day confident in her choice
Seeing nothing wrong with her stead-fast poise

The time came to bring forth the ultimatum
Little did she know she'd soon find out what plagued him
''I will leave you forever if you do not provide!''
Words driven out of him by the passion inside

Terribly afraid she would lose him in her abstinence
She set a place, time, position that made clear sense
The time was near and all nerves were in action
But no matter how hard she tried — he lost his passion

——All three times——

One was planned in his house while his parents were at the store
But being in his childhood bedroom made him feel like he was four

They tried on a blanket on a hill with a crimp
But the cool air and fear of the road kept him quite limp

One last time — they worked for an hour on the sofa
But she knew before they began that he was as soft as a loofa

For their time was through as a couple she knew
His embarassment fumed, timing right on cue
She walked out the door listening to him scream, ''I CAN!!!''
She left him alone with only his strong right hand.

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