Dimension Blues

by Robert McNamara

        breathing everyday

killing myself
with laughter
and donuts
and tragedy
and babble
of the final day
sooner than you think


bubbles bleed like
a tap on a keg

plastic invasion force
lands from Mars
The Alien has landed
crowds run amok
and all the computers
drown in a think tank
ójust imagine. The last
rubber tree on Earth
hurled thru a window
of shattering sun-glare
glass -you are made
of glass and fiberoptic
bubblegum, sexless,
21st century human, PCs
pop like spopcorn, lower
our hormones, bugs in
a hive -foolish mortals
Hulk will smash,
Godzilla bites the nite-train
in half, Kronos is a
Cubist nightmare on legs
Love Story plays on a
savage boring T.V.
in an asylum corridor,
mighty Isis is a babe,
I'm a slave to frothing
addicted to foam
swimming in a sea of
milky cream, in late
September, watching the
future arrive like a kite
blown from the otherside
of reality, learn to see
another universe
ódimension blues,
ultimate parallax,
sweet kisses under vacant sun,
shiny shores that glisten
like a snowflake
in a desert, jungles
of tribal fish, veldts
of rippling hills with
tingling sentient grass,
dust clouds shimmering
in a ray of light that
pierces into the bleak
pause before dawn,
invaders from another planet
(remember them?)
fall from the sky
like flabbos you see
at the mall, sea -slick
sailors selling seashells
by the sea, sure, those
thigh-high boots you wore
in the space station orgy,
love juice floating in
the stellar zero gravity,
now talk shows on
home planet count
you as a viewer,
mushing blueberries
with your toes, the
nose grew and your
earlobe droops -HA!
Once a million years
from now we'll all
be amoebas on Asteroid M,
otherwise known as
pulling out nosehairs
you can string a guitar
while the United Nations
takes over the world
because aliens are just
projections into the
unconscious mind programmed
to make you buy more
things and be in debt
and massacre your family
with a slingshot
feather tickling their
rumps on a picnic pleasure
the CIA invented them
in 1948 you sheep
vote for Ralph Nader
as figurehead stew.
We are The Aliens
we live in a zoo.

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