Playboy Widow

by Kelly Chambers

CALL me a prude, call me immature
But I want to talk about your ''literature''
I'm not here to tell you what you can or can't read
I'm just want to communicate to you what I need --

Every time I use your bathroom, what do I see?
A pair of lusty eyes staring at me.
It seems like with every new monthly edition
Some skanky luv bunny is my new competition.

And when you're done ''reading,'' you don't throw them away.
You act like they'll be worth something some day.
Maxim, Playboy, Penthouse and Stuff
What can I do? I've had quite enough.

I need to feel sexy, I need to feel hot
what do these girls got that I haven't got?
They don't love you like I do, you should know.
Their facial expressions are all just for show.

I know it's a boything, or so I've been told
but don't you want the real thing, not a damn centerfold?
Sleep with your magazines, you need time to yourself
You can either have me
                                or those stacks on your shelf. . .

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