Good Bye, Ronnie!

To the tune of ''Hello, Dolly!''

by Richard Cairo

GOOD BYE, Ronnie, well, good bye, Ronnie.
The newsmen say that you have finally died.
But who could tell, Ronnie,
Though you smell, Ronnie,
you were always black-haired, always powdered,
kinda mumm-ified!
Now everyone's praisin'
and it's just amazin'
They forget what a big fat liar you were way back when.
So, take his pic, fellas,
put his face on the dime, fellas.
Ronnie'll never make a quip again!

So long, Ronnie, well, so long, Ronnie.
I bet you'd rather be in Philly right about now.
The world's a mess, Ronnie,
East and West, Ronnie,
Your pals' are growin', they're all crowin',
they're still rich -- and how.
What the hell'd you do
with your economic voodoo?
And now George W.'s doing more harm than you!
So, golly gee, fellas,
find him a vacant plot, fellas.
Ronnie'll never come this way,
(but his policies seem here to stay),
Ronnie'll never come this way again, yeah!

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