I Am Catfish

by Dustin Michael

I recently sent my girlfriend's dad
a postcard
with a fish on it.

The postcard had
Get hooked on fishing in Missouri
printed on the front.
My girlfriend had seen it and said,
Ha! You should send that to my dad!
So I did.

I didn't know what to write
on the back, so I put,
I am Catfish. Remember me.

I'm not sure if the fish in the picture
was a catfish —
I didn't have a dad
to take me fishing
or teach me what a catfish is
and isn't.
All I know is
I didn't sign
the postcard.

My girlfriend
was pretty upset
when I told her I'd sent
the postcard
to her father.
What's wrong with you?
she said.
Why did you do that?
I had no answer
for either question,
other than,
Because you told me to,
which, it turned out,
wasn't good enough.

God, you're weird,
she said.

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