Confession of an IRS Fuckdoll

by Daniel Sciarra

EACH time I get a paycheck
I take it up the ass
from local, state, and federal
into my lower middle class

Blowing like a porn star
and I swallow every time
I'm afraid to spill a drop
and be taxed another dime

Passed around like popcorn
and left broken on the floor
until they change a law or two
and fuck me even more

One time I asked for help
and a lesson I did learn
They made me wear a blindfold
and my accountant take a turn

They bend me like a pretzel
and pinch my nipples raw
Sometimes it makes me wonder
if they fuck their wives at all

They give it to me hard
and I take it like a man
I'm the 1040EZ
shaggy fuckdoll Dan.

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