The Politics of Politics

by John Kerry

I'LL tell you folks
I don't want to sling mud
I don't want to bash my opponent
I want to be a good man, a good politician
But at least I would not have idiotically invaded a country for the wrong reason

I say to you
That's not the kind of President John Kerry wants to be
I don't want to be cynical
I don't want to be mean
But at least I would friggin' follow the constitution once in a while

My fellow Americans
This campaign is not about him or me
It's about the American people
It's about the future of America
Not about how my opponent hands over money to his rich friends
destroys the beauty and sustainabilty of our planet
kicks the federal deficit into the goddammed stratosphere
and drools like a pedophilic priest at the altar of fundamentalism

No, no, I won't say things like that
Not me
Not John Kerry
I swear by the flag and by this bottle of EZ-squirt ketchup
That is not what America needs
That is not what the world needs
We need peace and intelligence and dialogue and understanding
Not bitterness and anger and attack and barn-burning

I've said my peace
Now where are those sonofabitchin' 527s.

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