Mighty Joe Jung

For Robert McNamara

by Houghton Piker

I dream of vines
long leafy verdant vital
that reach out to me like a friend's hand
I have dreamed of vines
and I live
as never before

Home is the jungle
and I am more
More than KaZar!
More than Lucan!
More than Bomba!
More than Boy!

How is my hair?

In the jungle
I am powerful
I am king
I am free
I wear no socks

Beating my chest
I am silverbacked
into no corners

I am beyond Cheetah
Beyond Lancelot Link
Beyond Gleek
Beyond Cornelius

I dream of vines
strong supple ancient agile
that reach out to me as a friend
carrying me
from elephant graveyard to treehouse love
from danger to banana bliss
from numa to tantor
from she-devil to the succour
of Jane's quiet arms

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