Let's Talk about Waffles

by John Kerry

I'LL tell you folks
My opponent has been calling me a waffler
Of this I am certain

A waffler I may or may not be

But I say to you
Would you rather have a president who changes his mind once in a while
          or someone who straightface lies to you?
Would you rather have a conscientious leader
          or someone who doesn't know how to spell waffle?
Would you rather have a commander-in-chief who has faced enemy fire
          or someone who went AWOL and faced mounds of coke?

Well, there is one thing I am totally sure about
Nothing tastes better on a waffle
than EZ-squirt ketchup

So vote whichever way you want to come election day
Maybe you'll waffle too
And if you do
Enjoy it with some Heinz 57
With its secret blend of herbs and spices, Heinz 57 Sauce
creates a uniquely rich flavor
that isn't just for the top one percentile

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