Mid July in Iowa

by Aaron Earl Short

THE heat is getting ridiculous
in fact it is borderlining bullshit
the kind of heat that makes you sweat just thinking about life and luck
and how you can't have one without the other
the closest thing to relief I can find is sitting naked on the toilet
and that only works for so long because
the seat is warmed by my ass and I start sweating thinking
how ludicrous this idea was in the first place
so I stand up to put my clothes back on and the seat sticks
to my ass and peels away and slams on the toilet echoing in the
bathroom making my ears ring and the neighbor in the next
apartment bangs on the wall screaming ''BULLSHIT''

so I put my clothes on grab a beer from the fridge
feel the cool air for a second
close the door sit on the couch drink sweat and cuss until
I pass out.

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