Flotsam: Based on a True Story

by Wade Christian

A squirrel drowned
in the pool the other day.
It seems he was trying to impress
his friends by imitating
one of those skiing squirrels
that are sometimes on TV.

As he scampered down a branch
and leapt into the air,
an awed hush descended over the trees.
He took off like Rocky J.,
but plummeted like Wile E.
after looking down
to see nothing but canyon below.

Apparently, much like acorns,
squirrels don't fall far from the tree.
He shattered the sparkling surface
like a whale slamming home
after breaching the gelatin-like smoothness.
His body bobbed up
to the surface, face down, body still.

His friends shot their beady eyes
around the gathered crowd,
and began to chatter in approval
thinking he was acting
out the opening scene
of Sunset Boulevard.

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