A Student's View of the Holidays

by Paul Buchheit

YOU go through many months of school
Existing in a dullish haze;
It's even harder, as a rule,
To make it through the holidays!

Thanksgiving Day is lots of fun
There's laughter and festivity
You wake up with the rising sun
To sounds of football on TV.

Your mom is in the kitchen, where
Six children help her with a chore;
Your dad is in his easy chair,
Six beer cans strewn upon the floor.

Thanksgiving Day has food galore;
It's not a day to moderate;
You starve yourself from eight to four,
Then stuff yourself from four to eight.

On Monday, after four days' rest
You find you had some things to do:
A science lab, a language test,
Assignments and a paper due.

Then soon the snow begins to blow,
The same amount your parents had,
When they walked miles through waist-deep snow,
Way back when things were really bad.

But Christmas season, happily,
Begins to brighten every day;
How many times you'll get to see
Your little sister's Christmas play!

Then school is through — there's much to do:
You'll party, eat and sleep and shop;
Your parents, too, have plans for you:
You'll polish, dust and sweep and mop.

Before you know it, Christmas Eve
Arrives, and you begin to fret:
The party starts, but you must leave —
You haven't bought your presents yet!

Ah, Christmas gives you such a lift
With presents lying everywhere;
Until you open up a gift
And find a box of underwear

But what a gift your auntie sends:
A multicolored musing ring!
You take it out to show your friends
And ask them ''What's a musing ring?''

And Christmas music — awesome stuff!
It brings you peace and brings you joy;
Although you think you've heard enough
About the little drummer boy.

At making cookies, mom's a whiz'
''I'll have another one,'' you say.
But mom remarks ''This cookie is
the thirty-eighth you've had today.''

So after all the sweets are done —
The cookies, pie, and gingerbread —
Your friends are having lots of fun
As you lie nauseous in your bed.

But wait a week, and you will hear
Adults enjoying New Year's bliss;
They celebrate the coming year
By slowly losing consciousness

At 12 o'clock, they raise a drink,
The trumpets sound, balloons appear!
But this is all that you can think:
Three months until spring break is here!

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