The Devil Went Down to San Antonio

by c00kie

IT'S my boss’s last day at work here,
so we'll celebrate and all get a beer
or two, maybe three,
but don't you worry for me
I've got two more employers,
though they're not destroyers
in the afterlife.

I guess he causes great strife
because he says he's the devil
and he seems on the level.
In fact this morning he said to me
that he was true evil, despite what we see.
He's kept his horns well hidden
those horns forbidden

To display them at work
Well, I guess that’s a perk.
He can now remove his cap,
free his horns from their trap.
The evil grins shall commence
and he'll give his two cents.
though this will not last

We'll just be in the past
once he begins new employ
he'll regain his facade and retrieve his decoy.
But we’ll remember today
as when the 'ol boss gave away
His secret and said,
''Don't worry! I'll see you all again
quite soon when you're dead!''

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