To Sally

by Vincent Williams

I pen these lines to Sally now whose looks are past compare;
If fair is foul and foul is vile, then Sally's looks are fair.
I fain devour her saucy face with wonder, awe and question;
I do the same with pizza pie; and then get indigestion.
She has luxuriant long black hair that goes clear down her back;
Would that she had some on her head; I do deplore that lack...

Her rare, outstanding nose turns up, and puts me in a fever;
It then turns down and to the side, a marked over-achiever.

Her matchless beauty turns my head, and let me make it clear:
I've seen a lot of uglier guys, but not for many a year.
I simply can't describe my doting on her sweet expression;
I can't describe what is not there, and still employ discretion.

So, Sally comes in first for looks, east, west and south and north;
She comes in second, AND in third, so I shall Sally forth.

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