Lefty & Ray

by Jim Cady

LET me tell you about a couple of friends of mine
their names are Lefty & Ray.
A couple of lazier dudes you'd be hard pressed to find.
Yeah, they just hang around in the sack all damn day.
In the summer they like to hang out a bit,
but in the winter they stick close to home.
They've never been known to travel too far.
They're definately not one's to roam.
They're real easy goin' more often than not,
but play with 'em too much & you just might get shot.
Yeah, don't press 'em too hard, especially Ray.
They'll draw up on you if they're rubbed the wrong way.
Sure, at times, they may get a bit TESTY,
but they're really just a couple of nuts.
They've got hobbies. Ray's a BVD freedom fighter.
& Lefty, well, he likes picking up sluts.
Over the years I've grown -- attached to them.
Yeah, we've been friends pretty much all of my life,
but lately my patience has worn a bit thin.
I think Lefty may have knocked up my wife!

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