New Desk to Conquer

by Finny Deerfield

LEFT behind, in my new office:
a metal desk, pre-Gulf War,
in it a bounced check, returned,
$267 to her boss;
a plastic container of smints
nicorette gum (7 detached pieces);
mini bar bottle of vodka (pearl, empty);
matches from mondrian (black stick, silver tip);
2 note pads from Chateau Marmont;
a half-used disposable camera;
numerous 4x6 prints;
4 polaroids;
and a super mario pez dispenser (also empty).
Was this desk her giant purse?
I smell her perfume and desperation,
understand the incident with the assistant
Is this all a code
for what lies ahead?

Damn me if I can find
a letter opener
or a single paper clip.

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