A Parrot Named Hitler

by Fred Byrnes

SHE smokes Camels
and has lived alone
for twenty years
Her two husbands reside
in the same cemetery
Her children, grown men and women
visit her occassionally
bearing Camels, boxes of chocolate
and low sodium sliced turkey breast
Her constant companion
is a gray-blue parrot
named Hitler
She watches The History Channel
to help pass time
The night she brought
the parrot home,
she turned on her TV
Hitler was making
one of his maniacal speeches
before his throngs of bootlicking worshippers
The black and white film
coming from somewhere
in those dark years
when Zyclon-B showers
where turned on all over Europe
and devils danced a fiddler's jig
She lit a Camel and believed
Hitler sounded like a good name
for the parrot

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