On The Gates

by Richard Cairo

OH livers of Gotham don't hates The Gates!
the orange — read: saffron — stalwarty Gates!
For they are what happens when artists gestates
like watching as a zoostuck chimpy masturbates!
or me backwards in Russian read a poem by Yeats!
Thus are the tall upstandery Gates --
curtainlike and obvious, like ineluctable fates!
Yet think of the joy in the park of the Kates
walking their purebreds with nervous bald pates
under orange goalposts posing like baits
anxious for mates to fills up their plates
Oh friends of Gotham do not hates The Gates!

Oh tourists of Gotham do not hates The Gates!
the plastic — nay, arty — numerous Gates!
We'll knock 'em down like domino eights
And do not believe what the Post relates
We may have homeless sleeping on grates
and noxious gas that in our air permeates
plus terrorists arriving by dozens in freights
But we'd welcome like death, our inevitable fates
just as we welcome our increasing rent rates!
the taxis and trains in Olympic-size waits!
we'd make all the gays pretend to be straights!
Oh IOC tourists don't hates The Gates!

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