Near Sex Experience

by Ken Neborak

I was thirteen years old
Not hardly bold
My mind locked on sports
And school book reports
In class I was trained
My thoughts to restrain
When girls turned to stare
I'd act unaware
My brothers at home
Had started to roam
They read magazines
Designed, not for teens
They tried to keep hidden
The pictures forbidden
One day while perusing
For balls I kept losing
I found one such book
And commenced to look
The pictures, revealing
Sent my pressure reeling
I felt a strong stir
Where my jockeys were
My jeans which fit right
Became oh so tight
I saw there a lump
Which caused me to jump
I pushed down on it
This hurt, not one bit
In fact it felt good
Oh my, knock on wood
I dared press again
And suddenly then
An urge came on me
Like I had to pee
I rushed to the toilet
In an effort to foil it
Alas, I was late
My embarrassment great
What happened to me?
This goo was not pee
Once I was composed
My shorts I disposed
I ran swift and fleet
To friends on the street
I told them my story
It sounded quite gory
They had a great laugh
And ordered a bath
They offered advice
They hoped would suffice
Next time wear a rubber
When you get a chubber

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