The Unheard Testimony of Fred the Cockatoo

Excerpts of sealed court documents from the murder trial of actor Robert Blake.

by Gordon Stanley

AAACK, aye, your honor, Fred knew the lady
pretty lady pretty lady
she sent Fred dirty pictures that used to drive Fred crazy
drive Fred crazy drive Fred crazy

I knew she was married to Bobby Blake Bobby Blake
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
You can take that to the bank take that to the bank
But Freddy is a dirty bird dirty bird—awwwww!

But Bonny never gave Fred a cracker not a cracker
and so I felt behooooooved to whack her—aaAAaack!—
to whack her!

Everyone assumed I flew the straight and narrow
But you gotta keep your eye on the sparrow—aack!—
eye on the sparrow

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