Open Letter to Martha Stewart from Her Cellmate, Brenda Stilson

by V.S. Frimmit

TO my dearest Stewie, missing youie,
D block is just not the same with you gone
The faux patina you stained on the walls
using a mix of coffee and Jello
the swan and dove figurines
you spent 12 hours carving out of soap
The stucco ceiling you made with t.p.
are but sad reminders of your absence

We received the crate you sent us Fed Ex
The Martha Stewart matching napkin holders,
dessert plates, tea cozies, milk glasses,
hand towels, and cocktail stirrers you sent
delighted us all and quelled a riot

And I so treasure our time together
Your sweet shoe polish souffle rising tall
off the hot plate rigged in our homely cell
made me proud to call you mine, dear Martha
You are back on your farm, with your horses,
and I know that you are happy and warm.
Still I hope you think of your days with me
with fondness. Know that each night I
hold to my heart your autographed picture
and the shiv you made from a rosemary sprig

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