Western Civilization

by Wade Christian

HOMER blindly stumbled home
from the Acropolis one day,
and in a giddy pubescent voice
exclaimed, ''Mom, I want to be a poet.''

Her pita hit the marble floor,
feta cheese erupted
from the chewy bread
like warriors jumping
out of a giant wooden horse.

''Where did I go wrong?'' she moaned,
tears flowing through the riverbeds
of her facial wrinkles.
''Why can't you make something
of yourself? You could
be a lawyer, like your brother.''

''But, Mom.
I don't want to be a lawyer.
I want to be a poet.
I want to tell people
about the glory of battle
and heroic travelers
who get waylaid by the gods.''

''Do you want to end up
living on the streets, doing hemlock
like a common philosopher?
Society needs rules
and hard work,
not philosophy and literature.''

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