Ode to My Own Ass

by April Clinton

I look at my ass
in the mirror everyday.
Every morning I plan how to cover it.
Shall it be the pink blazer,
the long, black shirt,
or the boxy shirt.
Tights help keep it
from jiggling so much,
Thongs get lost in the cavernous crack.
Sometimes dimpled, sometimes smooth,
it looks best with a tan.
Although it's a chore
just to find an empty spot to sun it,
the rump turns a lovely cocoa color
once exposed.
My distinct ass can be gravity defying
when placed in the right pants --
and can speak its own language,
if called upon.
Deflated after 8 hours of work on a swivel,
it springs back with a vengence.
Defiant, protruding and proud
it makes no apologies.

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