Morning Sex

by Juliette Avila

OH man
You have snot on the tip of your nose
Old and crusted
Like dry ice cream on a spoon
Chocolate chip
When you talk you spit
It landed on my wrist
I forgot to take off my watch
Your lips are flaking off
Croissants, croutons, crumbs
Was it spit or lip that landed on my wrist?
Eye boogers suck
You got like ten of them
Wet popcorn, chewed-up mini marshmallows
I can't find your pupils
Do you see me?
I see me
My face is wide
Head huge
Shoulders small
Wow… you can't see color when you peer into pupils
It’s like a black and white TV
My mascara is on your cheek
One long black streak
War paint for the mighty morning warrior
Ha ha, I'm going to leave it there
You can wear it on the train home
Call me.

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