Heaven Is When You Take off Your Pants

by Houghton Piker

I know how to make the world go away,
yes, after you've had those pants on all day!
Take off your slacks, your skirts, panties, or briefs;
for heaven's sake, give yourself some relief.
For heaven is where you take off your pants.
How will you be ready to do the dance?
Or be open to the breezes from the seases?
No one is chosen, no one is Jesus.
I'm sure you'll convert once you get the chance.
Oh heaven is when you take off your pants!
(I don't mind if people see my hard-on,
but, weird me, I like to keep my shirt on.)
You know you know there's no heaven above,
the joy is here with the ones you love —
completely nude from the waist down, that is.
Hallelujah, share your biz, hers and his!
Increase your comfort a zillion notches.
Everyone, everyone, free your crotches!

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