I Remember Momma

by Finny Deerfield

MOMMA was born in a chicken coop in wyoming.
we heard her tell the ladies at pinochle club
she also had a slow eye, she said
that was watching us at all times

momma had a mean right hook
but if a man was gonna take a flea market treasure
right from under her nose
she'd beat him down with her handbag

momma said, ''you're going to get rookered!''
we didn't know what the hell she meant
till we woke up in the night and saw her
going through our piggy banks.

momma never touched no spirits
but she did enjoy a good cup of instant coffee
and cheez spread on her toast
while she read the morning paper

momma met her fourth and last husband
when he chasing a perp
and got caught in her giant underwear
drying on the clothesline

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