Kip in the Forest

by Houghton Piker

IN the wintry forest Kip the hunter
spied a moose frozen stiff in the snow.
Crunch, crunch went his steps as he approached her.
"She must be dead from some cruel hunter's blow!"
Kip admired her flanks, her lips, her bum.
"Ah, what a beauty, a beauty to find."
Seeing no one around, his heart like a drum.
he stooped down to mount her from the behind.
Squoosh, squoosh went Kip, reaching for his pleasure.
"Ha, ha! Ha, ha!" he athletically pumped.
"What luck!" Kip thought. "What Lotto! What treasure!"
Until from beneath him something harrumphed.
The moose rose up, her rear end asmoking.
Kip, he was sure he'd be killed in a blink.
But she trotted off, glad for the poking,
and stopped to look back and give Kip a wink.
Back in his cabin, alone and quite sate,
he recalled the love he'd met in the North,
then ate some sardines laid out on a plate
and enjoyed a warm mug of hot dog broth.

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