Lust No. 1

by Houghton Piker

LUST is a secret that spills from your purse.
Lust is a car that won't go in reverse.
Lust is your sphincter open up wide.
Lust is a tube with a gerbil inside.
Lust is a pool of warmth on your belly.
Lust has that lingering, muskiful smelly.
Lust is, you swear, the last time you'll beg.
Lust is my dog ahumping your leg.
Lust is the way you touch your clitoris.
Lust is not how you look at Chuck Norris.
Lust is a country that longs for invasion.
Lust conquers all & any persuasion.
For me, lust's a swelling that won't go away.
For me, lust's a ditty I composed just today.

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