Some Comments, On Your Writing . . .

by Bill White

FROM my wife:
''I just see it, as more of a

from my mother:
''you're so diverse…''

from my father:
''you write?''

from the hip new literary mag:
''unfortunately we have all the
material we can use for this issue…''

from my friends:
''oh, yeah…I think I read some of it…
cool man''

from my bulldog
(whom I communicate with telepathically):
''below the layers of cynical, dark humor
and visceral imagery
you really are on the cutting edge
of social criticism…''

what they’re really saying:

''could you get a job with decent pay and
benefits before we're forty?''

''if you need psychiatric help son, I'm here
for you…''

''what time are the Mets on?''

''get real asshole…''

''years of alcohol abuse have lead to
severe attention deficiency…''


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