Jesus Lives and He’s Doing a World Tour

by Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan

JESUS lives and he's doing a world tour.
He’ll be in Stratton on the December 10th
appearing at the downtown mall,
so get your ticket, they're only $139.44!

Grab grandma, Aunty Patty, and sister Jo.
Seats are going fast, it’s a one-time-in-your-town show.

No malady too tough for J.C.
miracles come with a money-back guarantee.
For those too lame to attend
his sermons and blessings are on audiotape and CD

Tee-shirts are available
in sizes large, medium, and small.
Scriptures are in florescent colors,
something to suit all.

He will be leaving town soon
you’re running out of time.
Wanna be saved? Operators are standing by
to help you make up your mind.

Call our 24-hour 1-800 number
the first 1000 callers get a
free glow-in-the-dark crucifix  
and a sticker for their car's bumper.

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