by Juliette Avila

YOU invite me to coffee
You order a nonfat decaf latte
You talk to me of The Matrix
O, why did they wait so long to make the next two?
God, you're so

There’s a fruit fly floating in your foam
Your nonfat decaf foam
Its little legs make teensy imprints
Like my fork does when I press it into mashed potatoes

On my way to meet you
A pigeon attacked me
When I looked back
I could tell it was dying
Is that a warning?

The choking victim poster behind you chose blue shadow people
To demonstrate the saving of a life
One looks like a two-headed person.
Some call it Siamese twins.
I call it Siamese doggy-style twins but standing up.

I wonder how dogs would fuck if they stood upright.
We don't quite fuck like dogs anyway.
Almost. But not quite.

You look into my eyes.
''Eyes Wide Shut was pointless.''


The fruit fly glistens on your lip
Like a chipped watermelon seed
With little withered legs

If there was caffeine in your latte, it may have had a sip
And flew away
In a way, I have had a sip of your latte
I am flapping my wings on the inside
Flying far, far away

On my way to forget you
I saw the pigeon
It was dead
Its head buried in its bosom

I hummed a random nothing
And a fly flew in my eye

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