Run for Your Life!

by Amelie Morgan

WHEN I jog I pretend it's life or death.
Determination to keep going comes easily
if you're out to show that bastard who shouldn't be fucked with.
''It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack.''
Beatrix Kiddo-style.
Some white frat boy gets onto the treadmill next to me, adorned in Nike slicks
Does he wanna take me on?
Peer over at him amidst my bouncy jog --
Oh yeah he wants to start something.
Make plans to leap onto his treadmill and swing
my tiger-like muscular arms at his neck,
paralyzing and letting him know he picked the wrong treadmill.
He's cardiovasculating so innocently.
He reaches for the TV remote on my machine
Says to me, ''Mind if I change the channel?''
Instinctively I smile:  ''Go ahead.''
With the encounter over, I'm disappointed.
Next time.

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