Summer Breeze...It Makes Me Feel Fine

by Quint McGuinley

I'M gonna spend my summer laughing at people who work outside.
I'll drive on by with the windows up and cold air blasting.
And of course I'll point.
And I'll laugh.
Hell, I'll even steal a megaphone from Radio Shack to amplify my laughter!
And when the workers turn to see what all the fuss is about,
You can be damned sure there will be a water bottle in my hand, pouring;
Soaking my hair with icy cold water;
Beads cascading down my face like children on a water slide.
And their faces will contort with envy and blind rage.
It will be my greatest moment!
Greater even than the time I first spraypainted ''Clapton is God'' in New York
just to piss off Jeff Beck.
Man, I can be a real asshole sometimes, ya know that?

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