The Road I've Taken

by Richard Cairo

TWO roads diverged in a yellow park,
I'd just stopped to pee out some beer
I was really buzzed, so on a lark
I chose the one that was kinda dark
And that is how I wound up here.

If I took the other, to be fair
Maybe I would have had lots more fun
But woulda shoulda coulda sucks air--
Really, I don't want to go there--
I had no choice, I had to pick one

It was a very cool autumn morn
The leaves were like lettuce, very tossed
Oh, and I was naked as a newborn
All in all, feeling kinda forlorn
as I passed the corpse of Robert Frost

Guy must have keeled over at that spot
Who can say, maybe he was mugged?
A park for daydreaming this was not
Right then I fucking heard a shot
I ran balls up before I got plugged!

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