Little Buddies: Gilligan and Rehnquist

by Charles Bukkake

ONE wore a gleaming white sailor
hat and a red shirt
The other, a shiny black
robe with gold stripes
They traveled in different
worlds but were the same
soul really and now
they're gone

One hung out with an array
of different characters,
like the skipper, a millionaire,
and his wife. The other spent time
with his own crazy cast,
a cowgirl, a pervert, and a madman.

One opposed abortion
rights. The other took
an aborted three-hour tour.
One was best friends
with a chimp.The other helped
get a chimp elected.

They both died
from complications
due to the big C.

If there is an afterlife maybe
it's an uncharted desert island and they are
now buddies. Maybe Bill is lending
Bob his gavel to crack open
coconuts, and maybe Bob is consoling
Bill when the weather
starts getting rough.

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