Puker 109

by Kendall Messner

OUT of college for summer time
got to make an extra dime
At school it was psychology,
summer unveils barfology.

Deckhanding Puker 109
experience of a lifetime.
Burning my face, cutting my hand
taking out people that belong on land.

They start out leaning, great big smiles
tourista attire of various styles.
Just ate breakfast, set to go,
patiently we wait, for them to blow.

The captain whispers in my ear.
I place my bet, the guy with beer.
Old Salty laughs, he knows his booze,
but smiles and says,''You're gonna lose.''

''The family came from Mickey Dee's.
Pops had a burger, greasy with cheese.
Fries and a shake added to the load,
jiggle him up and he'll explode."

Up and down and side to side,
''Keep smiling folks, enjoy the ride.''
Boat rocks more, swell by swell
soon the old folks don't feel well.

Hear the children giggle with glee
as daddy vomits in the sea.
Soon they're all leaned across the rail
feeding their lunch to a whale.

Through the whole five hour trip
they trash the boat by being sick.
The head, the gear, the seats, the deck,
we cross the bar and end our trek.

Finally we're back at the dock.
Slowly they stand, then they walk.
Turning from green, back to pink.
They feel better, but still they stink.

Even though the trip was bad
once on land they don't get mad.
Coos Bay's a place they find so dear
they'll be back again, same time next year.

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