Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam

by Mal Torme

LUELLA Davis writes to say, simply, ''The forget at harem however''
I love you, Pansy Valentine, and your ''Go speak so jaguar enlightenment''
Porfirio Lloyd checks back with a quick, ''Hey,''
But Israel Fountain is insistent: ''Re: That look the bespeak pastiche''
Melissa Meeks? “You talk by egoism'' . . . Well, that's fine for you
Dona Story, I want you all the more because you write, ''You dance no grasshopper''
Emmanuel Dow talks the talk: ''An speak of worldly crucial''
Yvette Robertson points out that, '''Reynaldo, wants to take the dog''
Is Rupert Reilly being cagey? ''Re: The spell is topical insulin''
Finally, Roosevelt Baez, so nice and kind, writes, ''Let’s meet up again soon''

Yes, let's!
Who are these people, who know me so well
Email me more than my good friends
And write in code?
Who are they?
Where are they?
Please take me to them.
I want to get to know them, shake their hands
Laugh with them, dance with them and be their friends
Since I already am their friends
Please take me to them
If you do
I promise I will kill them all for you
Every last one of them
Oh, by the way,
Phillip Ahmett wanted me to tell you:
''Joaquin ;) says hello''

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