If You Were My Love Hoagie

by Zach Brown

IF you were my love hoagie
When I consider the two things I love
I ask for a favor from Jesus above
For the ability to combine them into one tasty meal
So my tongue could caress, touch, taste, and feel
One is a sandwich, with fresh cheese and meat
And the other is you from your hair to your feet
I could stick you together and forever be content
I'd explain in vast detail, so he knew what I meant
Combining your buns with one of whole wheat
Would taste really good and help hide my meat
Your sweet hair of lettuce all matted and messed
From the miracle whip I had licked off your breasts
Ringlets of dill pickles would come from your soul
From the joy of your loins adorning my pole
We'd make the sweet love until you would shout
''You're my sub, you're my reuben, without sauerkraut''
You'd receive all my dressing and all of my love
And with blessings and timing and help from above
We’d prepare ourselves duly, without being glib
For two tiny warm rolls, asleep in a crib

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