Driving By

by Graham Everett

LET's go to Toys 'R' Us and buy something to play with.
Let's stop at Wendy's and get something quick to eat.
We're nothing till we spend our money, we're no one
without the right names on our coats and underclothes:
Tommy, Puffy, Donna, JLo, Ralph Lauren, Old
Navy, Juicy, Von Dutch, let's not forget Baby Phat!

Let's find the nearest mall and buy presents
for those friends of ours who just had a kid
and those who finally did the right thing
and those we're going to visit next week.

Let's convoy to K-Mart, get wired at Starbucks . . .
Let's go to Borders, let's spend our Franklin bucks
on those things that we know we'll never need . . .
Let's go on one great big blow-out shopping spree!

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