Much Ado about Nothing*

by Pam Moll

RAVENOUS searching for the muse of asinine inspiration
For my mind is empty of all nonsensical prose.
Come fill my soul with insipid stimulation,
Cynical, digressively superfluous and verbose.

Lead me not into prosaic vernacular speech,
But to superfluous and extravagant redundancy.
Meaningless diatribe suckles my brain as a leech
Extracting all cognitive functions with intensity.

Hide from me all vestiges of communicative skill,
Hear my sincere behest to grow obtuse.
Grant me voluminous verbiage with a plethoric will
Loquacious accessory words of extraneous use.

Vanquish all other asinine competitors in line
With this babbling insensate discourse of mine.

*Prizewinner, asinine sonnet contest, fall 2005

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