Frankenstein's Wrong Number

by Leon N. Cluck

I tried to explain to the man on the other end
Through his enthusiastic shouts of as-Salam-u-'Alaikum
That he has dialed the wrong house.
That Farrakan and Frankenstein were polar opposites.
I told him that while I did understand the plight of his people
And was sorry for my Jewish name that had been slapped on me
I didn’t even know my own real heritage(s)
The random bag of elbows and scrotums, sewn together to make me
Ran the gamut of the human Crayola box
From east Asian, to west African, and Norwegian along my spine
Even my abnormal brain was not racially accounted for.
He said that I sounded like a victim of the kind of oppression
His people were working to change, by leaving the past and
Making a new world for themselves.
When he heard my height, he said that I could be a body guard.
My height would be an advantage and
Well, I could always change my name
Elijah Ali Shabaz did have a nice ring to it.
But I told him no and, that even though I was tempted,
Bowties showed off how thin and weak my neck really was
But just to make things seem right
I ended with ''Damn the white devil''

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