Mr. Potato Head Meets the Vice President of the U.S. of A.

by Doug Draime

IT was a small piece
in the paper with
a photo showing
Mr. Potato Head
shaking hands with
the Vice President.
Mr. Potato Head lives
in Sweden now. The
Vice President was
over there on tour
meeting dignitaries
and celebrities.
Mr. Potato Head is
a volunteer worker for
Suicide Prevention
and lives on royalties
from the United States.
The article said the Vice
President got Mr. Potato
Head’s autograph for
his daughter; his daughter
is a charter member of the
Mr. Potato Head Fan Club.
I remember the bad press
a few years back: real
scandal. But the fan club
stood behind him. Shows how
easy some people can
forgive and forget, despite
gross indiscretions.

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